Travis Vengroff is a podcast producer, editor, sound designer, and creator, currently working on The White Vault, Liberty, Dark Dice, and VAST Horizon. His productions have been nominated for and finalists of the Audio Verse Awards for three years running, as well as the Parsec Awards. He was honored by the Webby Awards for sound design and music in 2019, and in 2018 The White Vault won the Silver Ogle for Horror by the Mark Time Awards, and two of his stories were featured as part of the Gold Listening Showcase Official Selection at the HEAR Now Festival. He is dedicated to creating impactful stories in the ever-growing podcast industry.

A full list of his production credits can be found on his IMDb or Podchaser pages. To reach out to Travis about interviews or events, please use the contact form.

Podcast Projects

The White Vault


Explore the far reaches of the world’s horrors in the award-winning audio drama podcast The White Vault. Follow the collected records of a repair team sent to Outpost Fristed in the vast white wastes of Svalbard and unravel what lies waiting in the ice below. 

VAST Horizon


Dr. Nolira Eck doesn’t know why the Bifrost is empty. But the missing crew is the least of her current problems. The ship is falling apart around her and her new life is slowly fading from reach. Discover a new future, bright and dark. How far would you go for another chance? Keep your eyes on the VAST Horizon.



Set in the Liberty universe, these short tales of horror have a science fiction twist! Tales From the Tower is a free serialized horror podcasts. Join the Citizens of Atrius and discover the horrors that lurk in the steel and shadows. Every episode brings a new story to discomfort and frighten you long into the night. 

Liberty: Critical Research


Liberty: Critical Research was Travis' first ever podcast, written in early 2015. Travel alongside Dr. Kovski, a Citizen pulled from the field of theoretical Fringe studies, as he leads a scientific expedition with no promise of return. No training could possibly prepare the team for what’s to come.

Liberty: Vigilance


Liberty: Vigilance is a free audio drama podcast that started off as an Actual Play of the Liberty: AFTER roleplaying game. Dialogue with NPC's has been replaced with a full voice cast and immersive sound effects create an added layer of immersion. The story follows a team of volunteer Citizens who discover a sinister plot that will shake the very foundations of Atrius.

Dark Dice


Dark Dice is a horror actual-play D&D podcast that uses immersive soundscapes to create an added layer of immersion. Six travelers embark on a journey into the ruinous domain of the nameless god. They will never be the same again.

Premium Audio Dramas



Artifact is a spin-off of The White Vault focusing on the harrowing tale of a mysterious artifact and the woman assigned to its examination.

Artifact is available for sale on The White Vault website shop, and as premium content for Fool & Scholar Productions' Patreon members.



Imperial is a spin-off of The White Vault. Set in 1700s China, a cartographic team of Jesuits and their escort finds themselves in a unprecedented situation. 

Imperial is currently only available as premium content for Fool & Scholar Productions' Patreon members.

Legend of the Boar knight


Legend of the Boar Knight follows the story of a boar as he travels a fantasy land, battling Liches, Witches, Undead, and a Dragon in a quest to save the world from an evil chef - Cook Dracula.
Geek Dad approved, this is one part audio drama, one part rock album, available on Spotify,  as premium content for
Fool & Scholar Productions' Patreon members and on the Careless Juja bandcamp.

Travis has worked as a musician and entertainer for over 15 years, producing music by himself, as the bands Random Encounter & Careless Juja, and in collaboration with numerous musicians & organizations, such as Video Games Live. While he has been a guest performer on numerous projects (podcasts, live shows, video games, music albums) he has also created, written, and produced his own extensive works.